The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Review

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Review

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller has been designed and manufactured with the aim of providing customers with the lightest stroller in the market. Other than coming up with a truly lightweight product, Kolcraft has also made sure that the item has an attractive exterior. I gifted one to my niece and got very impressive feedback. Later, I bought it for my own son. On both occasions, the fire red model was my choice. It’s simply because red has always been my favorite color. The company has two more color options for you, fuchsia and slate.

Let me share with you my experience with this amazing stroller.

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Product Description

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, is a perfect buy for parents looking to retire the hefty travel system or searching for a more travel-friendly stroller. With a body made up of polyester and steel, it weighs less than 12 pounds and carries every single feature you would expect your baby stroller to have. In spite of being a feature-filled unit, this Kolcraft product has much smaller and more nimble design than the majority of the other stroller models available on the market. The ultra-compact standing one-hand fold makes the unit exceedingly user-friendly.

The product’s expandable canopy visor enables maximum coverage. When sitting, the baby will be able to peep outside through the peek-a-boo window. The window will tuck away automatically when the seat is reclined for comfort.

The storage space of the unit is truly impressive. Other than a big accessible basket, there are a couple of trays, one for the baby and the other for the parents. Each of the trays carries two cup holders.

Who should you buy the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red?

Any parent, who doesn’t have someone to baby sit at home, should buy this user-friendly stroller. Such parents usually need to take their little ones with them everywhere they go, to the market, to the doctor’s clinic, and at times even to  their workplace. The extra space in the stroller ensures that they can keep their belongings like small shopping bags inside the stroller. I have done it myself several times when my husband was away.

You may also find this item useful if you need to travel long distances with your baby from time to time. It’s because this stroller has been designed for easy portability.

Pros and Cons

As far as the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red is concerned, the pros of the product easily overpower its cons. Below, I have listed the product’s pros and cons.


Single hand folding: One of the first things I look for in a stroller is its folding feature. It’s because easy folding ensures that the stroller can be maneuvered comfortably. Folding will never be an issue for you if you have picked a Kolcraft unit. It comes equipped with a single handed folding system, something which is not very common in today’s market. You will be able to fold is easily using any one of your hands, while using the other to manage your baby. Once folded, this product requires very little space for storage.

Spacious interior: As a parent, I always wanted to use a stroller with enough space for accommodating my little one along with a few additional stuffs that I need to carry with me when going out with the baby. This product from Kolcraft never allowed me to cry for space. It has more space that I was looking for. I don’t need to carry an extra baby bag with me when I go for a walk with my baby in this stroller. I put everything (including my purse and cell phone) in a large zipped pouch and place it inside the Cloud Plus along with my baby. This allows me to hold the stroller securely with both my hands.

Functional and cozy: One feature that attracted me significantly is the pick a boo window the stroller comes equipped with. It gives the product an absolutely unique appearance and also allows the baby to take a look at the world outside. This unit is also more comfortable than the majority of the other strollers available on the market. The recliner seat can be tilted back to the lowest possible position and thus ensures 100% comfort for the infant.

Impressive specifications: The stroller carries a five-point safety harness, which according to me is sufficient. Yes, it’s true that the market has a few models with seven-point harnesses, but on most occasions those extra straps are not required for holding a baby in place. As mentioned above, the product is absolutely light weight. It weighs just 11.8 pounds. When folded, it covers an area of 18 x 12 x 34 inches, and with all its parts stretched out the area covered by the stroller is, 31.3 x 18 x 39 inches.

Great towing capacity: The stroller has been designed to carry weight of up to 50 pounds, which is really great considering the product is meant for carrying babies and toddlers.


Front child tray that doesn’t swing up or down: The stroller carries a front child tray that you will need to remove before making your child sit in the stroller. You might find this a bit annoying. I also used to hate doing it when I first started using the product. Unlike the child-trays most other models come equipped with, this one cannot be swung up or down. You will have to snap it out every time you will be putting your little one into it.

Non-removable seat cover: I also don’t like the fact that I am not allowed to remove the seat cover for easy cleaning.

Plastic wheels: It would have been good if this stroller from Kolcraft carried rubber wheels instead of wheels made of plastic.

Main Benefits and Practical Details

The stroller is light in weight and has just the right height. Together, these qualities make it a perfect unit for a relaxed stroll. Its handles are designed to allow an easy and comfortable grip. This Kolcraft creation moves smoothly on every terrain. Although the wheels are made of plastic, they are sturdy enough to withstand hard and rough terrains. The stroller’s front suspension works by reducing the impact of uneven surfaces, which enables a much smooth ride. Here, it must be noted that this stroller is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

The company has priced the product pretty reasonably. It’s available for less than $90. You would struggle to get another unit as durable and useful as the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller for such an affordable price. The product is available online at top shopping platforms such as Amazon. If you place the order today and choose “standard delivery”, you can expect it to be delivered at your doorsteps within the next 7 to 10 days. Of course, there are other options available for getting a faster delivery.

For this product, Kolcraft offers a manufacturers warrant of one year from the date of purchase. If you detect any issue with the workmanship and materials of the product within this one year, Kolcraft will be repairing or replacing it.

What Others Think about the Product?

Here are some comments from other customers, who have used theKolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller.

  1. I love this stroller because it’s both stylish and durable.
  2. It is light in weight, fits easily in my car and my baby loves it. It’s the best stroller I have ever used.
  3. It’s great for the price I paid to buy it. I also found assembling the unit extremely easy.

Final Thoughts

Taking all its positives and negatives into account it can be said that the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller will turn out to be an amazing buy for people with babies in their family. Its ability to carry up to 50 pounds ensures that it’s a sturdy unit. This means the plastic wheels couldn’t interfere with the robustness of the product. At less than 90 bucks, this product makes a really profitable buy.

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