Best Car Seat Stroller Travel System Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Having a baby means having a companion almost everywhere you go.  Whether a drive-through at the closest McDonalds or quick shopping at the nearest mall, you certainly want your child to come with. Just like other devices created to make motherhood easier, a car seat stroller makes your baby comfortable, and safe while driving. A travel system stroller makes moving from place to place convenient for your baby and easy for you.

The best part of this stroller is that it strikes out two other items off your baby checklist, a stroller, and an infant car seat. You no longer have to worry about your infant car seat compatibility with the stroller frame.

If you’re in a hurry, below are best picks for car seat stroller :

  1. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
  2. Graco FastAction Fold Travel System
  3. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System
  4. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System
  5. Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System
  6. Britax B-Lively Travel System
  7. Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System
  8.  BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Travel System
  9. Evenflo Pivot Xpand
  10. Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Lightweight Travel Double Stroller

What is a Car Seat Stroller?

As a parent, how do you cope without an infant car seat or a stroller? Well, for me, that’s impossible, they are must-get items in a baby checklist. Now, a car seat stroller is a combo that lets you drive with your baby as well as toddle them.

The best part of this stroller is its dual feature, a baby car seat and a stroller. Car seat-stroller combos is a smart way to save money. It is a 2 in 1 device. You can easily fit the car seat into a seat in your car or convert it to a stroller system. It is magic. The car seats easily attach to the stroller without any additional or pricey device.

The unique advantage of a travel system stroller is portability. Portable not in terms of size. In fact, the best models are bulky. However, portability in terms of unit, you don’t need separate car seats and strollers.

When your little one falls asleep during a long drive, a travel system stroller allows you to switch your baby, while sleeping, from the vehicle to the stroller without any obvious disturbance.

However, you should know that:

Car seat strollers aren’t good for any kind of terrain. Because of their size, they are heavier and tough to maneuver around rough surfaces. Also, these strollers can be very uncomfortable in tighter areas.

You might still need to change it to a proper stroller because they are meant for infants. So, you might still need to invest in a Stand-alone stroller in the nearest future.

Also, it only has one compatible car seat which is the one that comes with the stroller. Except you decide to get an adapter that can allow another brand of car seat work with the stroller.

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If you can get yourself around the cons of this device, then take a look at the :

Top 10 Best Car Seat Stroller Reviews

1.     Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

What attracted me to this car seat stroller was its price, a full-featured and compact stroller that costs less than $300, for me was a green flag. Evenflo Pivot Modular is a high-quality, safe, and multi-functional travel system.

It has a versatile 3 in 1 design which allows the car seat stroller to grow with your baby. This travel system can serve you longer. As your child grows, the usefulness of the pivot evolves to accommodate different seating positions.

Underneath the pivot is an extra-large storage basket. Also, the ergonomic handlebar makes it comfortable for both short and tall parents. The stroller comes with a child tray, SafeMax Infant Car Seat, SafeZone Base, a fully reclinable toddler, and a parent cup.


No adapters needed

Large basket for storage

Reclinable seat

Easy to assemble

It also has a  stylish look

Simple fold and unfold.


The canopy doesn’t go all the way to the baby bumper guard

The handlebar is also unadjustable

 The Wheels are also not compatible with any kind of terrain.

Final Thought on this Product

EvenfloPivot Modular is just incredibly amazing. A 3 in 1 travel system that excels all-rounder. A gift from me to you, you won’t regret purchasing this car seat stroller. It is the best.

2.     Graco FastAction Fold Travel System

Graco FastAction is a stylish, comfortable, and practical design travel system. You don’t often see car seat strollers with its efficient maneuverability. This Graco invention is a quality car seat combo. It is also available for a steal away price, $179.99.

The car seat stroller is a one second, one hand fold, for parents who frequently change from car seat to toddling. Easily folded and one quick pull, it’s open.  Also, It’s lightweight, you can easily take it out of your car boot and open with one hand.

It also features a canopy with a peekaboo window, parent tray with dual cup holders, extra-large storage basket, reclinable seat, ClickConnect for car seat, stylish design, and its classic 4 wheels(the front wheels can be locked for terrain).


Multiple recline position

It also has a large storage basket

ClickConnect for car seat and stroller attachment

It is also lightweight

Easy to clean

Faster and easier fold


The stroller harness are not comfortable

Removing the car seat from your vehicle is quite frustrating.

Final Thought on this Product

Considering all its ergonomic features this stroller is incredibly affordable.

3.  Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Car Seat Stroller

Chico Bravo Trio is a well-made travel system with efficient features. It is appropriate for children about 50 pounds. It comes with a Key Fit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base that can be attached to the stroller frame or seat. Another advantage of this feature is it allows you to push only the lightweight frame with the infant car seat, just click the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat and you are set.

It is capable of serving as a travel system, a car system, or a toddling stroller. It is versatile. Compatible for any required occasion. Feel free to adjust the stroller canopy till it fits your taste.

It also features a one-hand fold, auto-positioning wheels, and a compact self-standing folded position.


Flexible and versatile

Its handles and canopies are adjustable

It is also easy to clean


Removing the car seat from your vehicle can be frustrating

The seats aren’t reversible

Also, The foam padding on the handlebar can easily tear

Plastic Wheels. Not strong for all kinds of terrain.

Final thought on this Product

Its stylish design makes it perfect for urban parents. It is also durable.

4.    Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Car Seat Stroller

The Baby trend Expedition car seat stroller is quite cheap for its exclusive functions. Asides from being a car seat stroller, it is also compatible for jogging.

To start with, it features an exclusive parent snack tray that has two cup holders and a narrow compartment for keeping smaller things like your key. Both the car seat and canopy are easily adjustable for your child’s comfort.  With its 5-point Harness, your baby remains tightened and comfortably buckled.  Its wheel system makes it compatible with any kind of road.


Considering it is price, it’s one of the best products you can get.

Because of its 5-point harness, your baby gets a comfortable and steadfast fasten.

It also includes a parent snack tray.


The car seat stroller is also quite heavy. Getting in your car can be frustrating.

The car seat and stroller buckles require more attention to fit.

Final Thoughts on this Product

This product is a quality stroller compatible with all kinds of terrain.

5.     Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System

This Car seat stroller combo provides comfort and safety for your child. The stroller is also designed for children around 50 pounds and 42 inches tall. It features a height-adjustable handle and a 5-point safety harness. Large canopy with a peek-a-boo window so you can easily watch your baby. A padded seat with multiple recline positions. Also, its double front wheel enhances its maneuverability. A covered parent tray with 2 cup holders.

To enhance the stroller’s safety, it features Brakes, side-impact protection, and reclinable seats. It also has a large storage basket.



One-hand fold

Multiple positions for reclining

Also, Its Flex-Loc makes the car seat easy to install.


In terms of quality, Baby trend can do far better.

Also, its lack of head supports makes it a red flag for newborn

Its storage basket gets smaller as you recline.

Final thought on this Product

The stroller is one of the safest strollers you can get. It provides comfort for your child and convenience for you.

6.     Britax B-Lively Travel System

At 20 pounds, this travel system is incredibly light in weight. The car seat is designed for children ranging from 4-35 pounds while its stroller can last longer till about 50 pounds. The travel system is also durable and easy to use.

The car seat stroller combo features a B-safe 35 infant car seat, B-Lively stroller, and compatible adapters. Also, for protection, there’s a layer of side impact protection, metal frame, and safe cell impact-absorbing base. Compared to other options, its canopy system is one of the best, a ventilated UV 50+ canopy. Of course, it also has an extra-large storage basket.


Lightweight Stroller

Ventilated UV50+ canopy system

Basket storage

It also has an infinite recline system

Suspendable wheels


Its car seat is also heavier

No parent tray on the stroller

Its harness can be uncomfortable for your little one.

While wearing sandals, the brake system can be frustrating.

Final thought on this product

The better part of this travel system is its stroller. The stroller is the most efficient lightweight car seat stroller you can find.

7.  Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System

The car seat stroller combo weighs 18.2 pounds. It is one of the most affordable lightweight strollers you can find. Safety 1st smooth ride makes out and about movement with your baby easy and fun.

Compared with its features, I must say this stroller is a steal. Its car seats have a side impact protection to protect and increase safety. Lightweight, easy to carry along, great folding system, a large canopy with a peek-a-boo window. It also comes with a QuickClick technology that latches the car seat to the stroller.

The baby car seat is recommended for children weighing between 4-35 pounds. While its stroller can last longer till 50 pounds.


Cheap, yet quality


It is also easy to use

Also, easy to fold

Great maneuverability.

Car seat get stuck on the base

The latch is too hard, which makes the car seat difficult to remove.

Also, The padded seat seems to be uncomfortable for children.

Final thoughts on this Product

Safety 1st smooth ride is a nice baby seat stroller. It is cheaper compared to the other options and safe for your child.

8. BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Travel System

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Travel System is the ultimate solution for parents who want convenience, comfort, and safety for their little ones. From its mountain-bike-style suspension and air-filled tires for an ultra-smooth ride on any terrain to its tag less smooth-touch knit fabric offering extra comfort during every journey, the Revolution Flex 3.0 Travel System has everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride. With 6 storage pockets and an extra-large cargo basket, you’ll have plenty of room for all your gear – including a cell phone pocket conveniently located at the handlebar. Plus, the included Britax B-Safe Gen2 infant car seat is engineered with a sturdy build and includes a high-strength steel reinforced car seat base for safety and security. Make your family’s adventures even safer and easier with the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Travel System. Get ready to take on any journey with this complete travel system.

9.   Evenflo Pivot Xpand

Getting an expandable stroller means having a stroller that grows with the family, that is also quality and durable. Unfortunately, these kinds of strollers don’t come cheap. Not to worry, Evenflo’s got you. The Evenflo Pivot Xpand is a travel system that expands from a single to a double stroller mode.  For an expandable stroller, $359 range is a steal.

What you get is parent-friendly single to double car seat stroller combo. To expand the frame to accommodate the second toddler, the travel system also have a unique slide and lock system. Weighed at 22kg, the stroller is compatible for children up to 6 years.

The full set includes a SafeMax Infant Car Seat, one toddler seat, built-in upper and lower adapters, one cup holder.


Large storage basket

Affordable for an expandable car seat stroller

Reversible toddler seats

The seats have the same capacity and features

It is also a lightweight car seat


The wheels are not compatible for any kind of terrain

$359 range expensive compared to other car seat stroller combos.

Final thought on this Product

This product is one of the best expandable travel systems.

10. Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Lightweight Travel Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N' Stand  Lightweight Travel Double Stroller

To round up my list, I have the Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Double stroller. A lightweight stroller designed to be user friendly. It is one of the best two-child stroller. While holding both children, its ergonomic design gives your children equal luxury and comfortable experience.

It features two Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand infant car seats, 3 or 5 points harness, child tray with cup holders, lockable front swivel wheels, and a multiple position recline-cushion seats. It also has a large storage basket for storing your carry along accessories.


Easy to use

One-handed fold

Also, it has enough storage space

Uniquely recline seats and canopies

It is also very cheap.


Compatible for tall parents because it’s very long.

Final Thought on this Product

The stroller is one of the best double travel systems.

Frequently Bought Together : Doona Infant Car Seat

This genius system has a car seat that converts into a stroller. This Car seat stroller combo is by far the most innovative travel system stroller. Having a baby limits your movement, aside from serving your out and about movement, the lightweight stroller is perfect for carrying your child along for long-distance traveling. Also, it roughly weighs 17 pounds. Fold for rear-facing car seat mode, unfold and you have a stroller, so easy to use.

The car seat stroller features a 3 layer side impact protection, 5 points harness to tighten your baby to the seat, an adjustable handlebar that makes the stroller compatible for parents with different heights. Removable and washable fabric.

When purchased, you get a box containing Doona Infant Car Seat, Doona Bamboo Infant Insert, Doona Bamboo Head Support, Doona Vehicle Seat Protector, and Doona Base.


Convertible. So, there’s no need for adapters

Easy to fold and unfold

Also, its harness is quite comfortable

It can be used without a car seat base.


Stylish but expensive

Maximum height for compatible infant is 32 inches

Also, no basket space for storage while strolling.

Final thought on this product

Buying the Doona Infant Car Seat means having a Car seat stroller combo that is unique in design. A stylish efficient stroller whose design supports and protects your child from the impact. 

Buying Guide

When shopping for a car seat stroller travel system, safety is the most important factor to consider. Look for features such as adjustable straps and reinforced side panels that will provide extra protection in the event of an accident. Additionally, look for a car seat stroller travel system with adjustable headrests and a five-point harness to prevent your child from slipping out even if they’re constantly on the move.

Comfort should also be a top priority when choosing a car seat stroller travel system. Look for models with padded seats and adjustable handles so your child can ride comfortably no matter how long the journey lasts. Smooth-rolling wheels are essential for providing your little one with a smooth ride each time, so be sure to check for this feature before making your purchase.

Convenience is another key factor to consider when choosing a car seat stroller travel system. Quick-release systems make transitioning from car to stroller easy and efficient, so look for models that offer this feature or similar ones like one-click folding capabilities. Additionally, some models come with storage compartments and pockets so you can keep all of your necessary items in one place while you’re out and about.

Finally, compare prices before settling on one model over another. You don’t want to break the bank when it comes to finding the perfect car seat stroller combo; however, you still want quality features and dependable safety standards at the same time. Compare different brands and models within your budget range to determine which is best suited for your family’s needs.

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for the perfect car seat stroller travel system; then use our ultimate buying guide above to help make an informed decision that meets both safety standards and convenience requirements. With this information at hand, you’re now ready to choose the best car seat stroller travel system for 2023!


In conclusion, choosing the best car seat stroller travel system for your little one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our comprehensive guide and reviews of top models in 2023, you will surely find the perfect match that fits all of your needs and budget. Keep these tips in mind when looking for the right car seat stroller combo – safety first and foremost, convenience features like foldability, comfort factor both for parents and babies as well as affordability – then pick what works best for you! Investing in quality products is always worth it especially when it comes to keeping your baby safe. We wish you luck on your search!

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