Best Compact Home Gym Reviews And Ultimate Buying Guide

Compact home gym equipment is a tool or a machine that you can use at home to keep fit. It is fantastic to have a full gym set up in your house for your fitness needs. Have you imagined having your squat rack, barbell, bench, or even a pull-up station? Do you know how best it feels to fit such home gym pieces of equipment as leg developer and peck deck in your house?

The best compact home gym remains the best deal for all fitness lovers. Whether you live in an apartment where you lack space or have your mansion, this equipment will fit your purpose. There are lots of compact home gyms that ideally provide within that small room you despise.

Some of these are storable under your bed and only fixed when need be. There are high-end multi gyms that will only take a small portion of the cornet in your living room. Don’t worry and pick on the following best compact home gym to kick start or maintain your fitness journey.

If you’re in a hurry, below are our top picks for best compact home gym :

  1. Bowflex PR 3000 Home Gym Series
  2. Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Weight Stack Machine
  3. Weider Ultimate Body Works
  4. Bowlfex Blaze Home Gym Series
  5. Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Workout
  6. BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package
  7. ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50
  8. Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym Series
  9. Fusion Motion Full Body Workout with 8 Accessories
  10. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

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Table of Contents


1.    Bowflex PR 3000 Home Gym Series

[amazon box=”B001AS4YRQ”]

This is a fantastic multi gym produced by one of the innovative fitness brands, the Bowflex. Bowflex PR 3000 Home Gym Series is suitable for those who are not looking for mass building. It provides the user with a no cable change three positioned pulley system that offers you over 50-moment types.

Who is it best for?

Therefore, it provides you with a total body workout, which is what it is best for.

With the lower pulleys, be sure for the best bicep curls while the upper lifts will offer your arm and back exercises. Another essential feature of this gym equipment is the adjustable bench that is removable to achieve a lesser footprint.  Therefore, this product best suits you when you are looking for a general workout.


  • Has a space-saving design following the exercise of removable bench
  • It has three pulley systems, the high, middle, and the low pulleys offering over 50 exercise types for your workout.
  • Does not make noise when in use, very smooth and quiet
  • It is durably built and sturdy.


  • At times, the resistance feels it is less than it should be.
  • The power rods can lose resistance with time, which is a common thing with the Bowflex units.
  • Not suitable for those looking for serious strength gains.

The Bottom Line

Bowflex PR 3000 Home Gym Series is generally a vital workout machine suitable for your overall workout. With the significant advantages it has, you can leverage on this machine to achieve the best always. This machine is also ideal for your family, and together you will enjoy the benefits with which it comes.

2.    Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Weight Stack Machine

[amazon box=”B0090OKEB2″]

Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Weight Stack Machine is a complete system meant for heavy-duty workouts. The machine provides various functions to achieve the general workout.

This machine’s main feature is a 150-pound vinyl-coated weight stack, which is best for ensuring that you get the best of resistance. There is also the dual function press arm and the adjustable preacher curl pad plus the roller pads, which gives you great comfort.

If you want to change the fitness routines, you can use the leg developer butterfly attachment available with this machine.

Who is it suitable for?

This machine is suitable for a general workout. It can be used by both children and older people whose main aim is achieve excellent fitness.


  • Best for the short people, probably ladies below 5 meters
  • Best for general workout
  • It saves space and does not occupy lots of space.
  • Has a double pulley station that offers you various options for strengthening the muscle.
  • It has an adjustable bicep pad that offers you different positions of exercise.


  • Not best for the heavy weight lifters
  • Not suitable for advanced weight training
  • It is small for taller people

The Bottom Line

As a great machine that yields an excellent workout, Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym 150lb Weight Stack Machine will serve your purpose. Right from the biceps to the squats, purchasing this item today allows you to have the best home fitness equipment of your dreams.

3.    Weider Ultimate Body Works

[amazon box=”B074WJRW3H”]

While this best home gym equipment is a bit costly, turning away from it is the same as missing out on a reliable and robust unit from the Weider. This is one of the most comfortable and compact home workout equipment.

Weider Ultimate Body Works provides you with bodyweight resistance moving board and the pulleys that offer you the best of general workout. From the upper back rows to the biceps curls, this machine allows you to do just all. With it, be sure to meet your entire squat’s needs as well as the need to do the leg presses.

Who it suits best

The four tension cables added at the bottom of this workout equipment make it more innovative and suitable for contemporary workout needs. Within these tension cables, you will be able to increase the resistance to achieve the additional significant challenge.


  • It has excellent value for money
  • Be sure for more than 50 movements to achieve a general body workout
  • Existence of additional challenge, thanks to the adjustable resistance bands.
  • Has a tremendous compact design


  • It may lack the stability that is offered by more expensive home workout machines
  • Not suitable for tall people as they struggle for a full range of motion
  • The nylon straps used for this machine are not durable enough

The Bottom Line

If your target is a general workout that will make you fit for the rest of your life, Weider Ultimate Body Works is your ultimate choice. This home workout equipment is made in a compact way to offer you the rare body resistance among the home workout and fitness units. Its value for money is an addition to its suitability and affordability, even if you are starting. Buy it today for the best workout at home.

4.    Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Series 

[amazon box=”B000GRDS6U”]

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Series is a home workout machine that provides you with more than 60 gym-quality exercises that are compatible with all your groups of muscles. It has 210lbs of power rod resistance technology that does nothing other than maximizing your training strength.

Therefore, it is best to help you achieve your fitness goals. The main features of this machine include the seven free trainer built workout regimens, the sliding seat rails that offer you the chance to conduct aerobic rowing and leg presses. There are also lots of pulley systems and cable positions that ensure custom workouts while using this machine. 

Who is best for?

Following the above features of this home workout equipment, it is best for general workouts for the male and female workouts. The features allow for all parts development and all types of muscles hence best for everyone.


  • Allows for extensive body workouts, thanks to the over 60 exercises available
  • Has an upgradable 210-pound power rod resistance
  • Has a great squat and lat bar options
  • It has a folding bench that makes it easily storable, hence consume small room space. 
  • Allows for custom workouts hence best for individual preferences


  • It does not target the abs
  • The 210lbs are adequate but fail to support all users, thus not suitable for heavyweights.
  • A bit bulky since it takes a vast floor space as compared to similar categories

The Bottom Line

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Series is one of the best in-home gyms; generally, that ensures a great workout. However, with its space occupancy, this machine falls short in terms of working space. If you are looking for a moderate working and weight lifting, be sure to get it from this workout machine today.

5.    Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Workout Total Body Strength Training Fitness Equipment with 10 Levels of Resistance and Attachments 

[amazon box=”B084Z28JNQ”]

Are you looking to start your workout program at home? Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Workout Total Body Strength Training Fitness Equipment with 10 Levels of Resistance and Attachments is your ideal choice for the best workouts.

This machine has a ten-level resistance that offers over 80 resistance exercises with a great and general gym. It also has a low impact fluid movement that allows you to transition from one activity to another with much ease—the product as a high-quality steel frame with automatic lock height adjustments. It also boasts a padded and ergonomic glide board that has a pillow headrest. Therefore, it is an excellent work out machine that allows for the best of exercise. 

Who is it best for?

With the more significant square strand, the leg pulls accessory, and the stability mats that offer more than 80 exercise types, this machine is best for an individual who looks for a general and overall workout. It is a multi-functional home gym that best suits those who are not so much into heavy weightlifting.


  • Offers you with a variety of workout with over 80 exercises
  • Provides quick workouts of between 15 and 20 minutes 
  • Best for ages between 8 and 80 years hence usable by both kids and adults
  • It has lots of body methods thus supports all muscles development
  • Has lots of accessories that allow for ease of transition from one exercise to the next


  • It is heavy and may not be suitable for young people
  • May not be as durable as the heavyweight lifting machines
  • Not best for tall people 

The Bottom Line

Total Gym APEX G5 Versatile Indoor Home Workout Total Body Strength Training Fitness Equipment with 10 Levels of Resistance and Attachments is the best home workout equipment that is ideal for everyone. While it has some cons, this unit suits the average weight lifters and those in need of a general workout. Therefore, if this is what you need, pick it today from your favorite dealer. 

6.    BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package + Resistance Bands – Collapsible Resistance Bar, Handles

[amazon box=”B084KY2CJM”]

This is the most compact home multi gym ever can be. The BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package + Resistance Bands – Collapsible Resistance Bar, Handles is something that offers completely distinctive features when it comes to best home gym equipment.

This product’s main features include lots of attachments and pieces, the base, a couple of 40lbs resistance bands, handles, square bars, and even ankle and wrist straps. The features here give room for over 100 movements hence the best for an excellent general body workout.  

Whether it is squats, shoulder presses, or biceps curls that you need, BodyBoss 2.0 Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package + Resistance Bands – Collapsible Resistance Bar, Handles will deliver just that. Therefore, be sure to get the best workouts with this machine, including the rate wrist and training.

Who is it best for

This product is best for everyone, be it a young or old individual. From the age of 10 to 80, you can use this product correctly to yield the best results you desire. Therefore, never hesitate when buying this machine; it serves best your purpose.


  • It is affordable and suits any budget
  • One of the most compact multi-gym equipment ever seen
  • It can quickly be taken on the go. Can be used both on vacation and in the office
  • Has lots of attachments for a great body workout


  • The base is a little less sturdy
  • Does not come with the additional resistance bands, hence sold separately
  • Some users may find 40lbs resistance bands less challenging or ineffective

The Bottom Line

This is the time to try something entirely distinct. While this workout equipment seems as though it is not worth its look, it is one of the best home gym equipment today. Acquiring this equipment means achieving affordability mixed with quality. Hence, have your way today and get this fantastic home gym unit.

7.    ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50 

[amazon box=”B00IGIRYPW”]

This is your excellent piece of the best home gym work out equipment. With its versatilities, you are sure to cover the basic exercises that you need to threaten both your lower and upper bodies. Whereas it might not be the best machines for full workouts, ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50 serves as one of the best tools for basic home exercises.

This equipment allows you to perform lots of upper and lower body movements thanks to the plenty of sizeable small pulley systems that it possesses. The machine comes with 112lb vinyl weight stack that gives you to a tune of 280lbs of resistance. 

Who it suits best

If you need to perform both full and partial body workouts, this machine is best for you. It is also best for the people who are looking to do body part specific workouts for let’s said, the hand, wrist, and even the legs in particular. 


  • Perfect for the lower and upper body movements
  • Sold at a fair price hence affordable for almost every gym goes
  • Allows for higher resistance of up to 280lb


  • Not the best home gym equipment when it comes to full-body workouts
  • Installation may not be easy given the outlook of the machine’s manual hence requires a professional installer

The Bottom Line

While many people would despise this machine for its inability to allow for heavy weightlifting, it is one of the best for home weightlifting activities. With its exercise guide, you are sure to get the best out of the events in which you are involved with this equipment. Therefore, go ahead and buy this home gym unit today for the best gym experience.

8.    Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym Series

[amazon box=”B0764JNG73″]

Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym Series is one of the best and most solid fitness machines from Bowflex. Unlike other series from this dealer, this home gym equipment is more pocket friendly and affordable. It is a multi-gym unit that boasts most of the same features as some of the most expensive gym equipment plus specific useful improvements. 

 That is to say, Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym Series offers over 25 movements, which give a total of 210lb of an excellent power road resistance in the machine. The other features of this best in home gym equipment are the standard muscle building service that it allows on the lower and upper parts of the body.

You can also enjoy aerobic rowing function following the addition of the bench seat rollers. While this machine is not as compact as the other higher-end in-home gym equipment, it has a lower portion housing of the bench and rails which fold upwards. This allows you to limit it to its half size to store it safely after the workout period. 

Who is it suitable for

Given its amazing features, Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym Series best suits a moderate gym goer who looks to get an overall gym workout. If you are looking for muscle-building exercises instead of substantial weightlifting activities, get yourself this fitness equipment for a home workout today. 


  • Enjoys over 25 movements with its innovative multi gym features
  • Over 210lbs of power road resistance
  • Has a built-in aerobic rower function
  • You can field it to have its size for better storage


  • Not as compact as the counterpart with the same provider
  • Has no upgrading option for the resistance 
  • The power rods lose strength with time just as it does in other Bowflex units

The Bottom Line

Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym Series is more of a modern and highly innovative gym unit that offers the best of workout time and space. With its ability to fold easily, you can store this in your single-roomed house without any issues. Buy it today for the best experience. 

9.    Fusion Motion Full Body Workout with 8 Accessories Including Heavy Resistance Bands, Triceps Bar, ab Roller Wheel, Pulleys and More 

[amazon box=”B07YNGMJY7″]

Do you want to avoid the high prices for attending a gym away from home? You need not look. Further, Fusion Motion Full Body Workout with 8 Accessories Including Heavy Resistance Bands, Triceps Bar, ab Roller Wheel, Pulleys, and More allows you to exercise and get results you need by being a member of a gym by merely working out at home.

You can get similar results by working out from your living room when you buy this best workout equipment for home. The machine offers steel reinforced for the heavy workouts, a detailed guide that contains over 200 exercises, and the other features which are vital for all ages and experience levels of the gym goes. 

Who is it best for

This best home gym equipment is best for both the younger exercisers and the senior gym goes who are looking to have their body fit. Whether you want to do a light workout or the heavyweight lifting, Fusion Motion Full Body Workout with 8 Accessories Including Heavy Resistance Bands, Triceps Bar, ab Roller Wheel, Pulleys and More best suits your dreams. 


  • Best for both beginners and senior workouts
  • Comes with a detailed guide for numerous exercise to a tune of 200
  • Gives room for heavier workouts
  • Works best for the whole body, shapes, and firms the body
  • Flexibility is enhanced everywhere


  • May not be the right choice for lightweight lifting
  • Not advisable for children 
  • Is a bit expensive as compared to other gym equipments

The Bottom Line

This gym equipment is best for various activities, including the total hip abduction, the calf raise, and the upright row. If you are a lady who wants to build her body or is looking for the right shape, this gym machine is yours. Go for it now.

10. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

[amazon box=”B002KV1MJU”]

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 is home gym equipment that features a heavy-duty construction 14 gauge steel tubing that showcases a powder coating finish that allows for optimum flexibility and mobility. The product also allows quick and stable mounting and dismounting hence boosting the efficiency of knees and back exercises. 

Who is it best for

With the availability of the eight resistant levels, the easy-to-read computer screen, and the step-through design, this home gym equipment is best for ladies who are trying hard to work out from home. It shapes the hips and even sure that they get the best overall body shape.


  • Has a step-through design hence best for knees and back training
  • Has a magnetic resistance mechanism that has eight levels 
  • Enjoys an easy to read a computer screen 
  • Has a comfortable padded seat to add more comfort while using it
  • Enjoys counterbalanced pedals for efficiency


  • Not best for heavyweight workouts
  • This is not suitable for men who need high energy training
  • Not for whole-body workouts

The Bottom Line

With the maximal foot support, Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 provides you with the full foot control and support as it offers foot control. It also has a general balance for the whole body; hence one of the best when it comes to attaining foot strength training at home.


Compact Home Gym Benefits

The compact home gym has many benefits for the users. However, the benefits vary based on who is using it, and the reason for which the person uses the home gym. The primary benefit that Compact home gym brings to the user is that it is more convenient than a gym member.

It is a vital gym for an individual with the busiest schedule who would not have time to attend a gym. If you want to build a muscle but have no time to become amber of any gym, then look for this type of gym. It can allow you to conveniently meet your muscle-building activities and needs without a struggle to find enough time for it. Since there is no need to wait in the line to work out, this saves your workout time.

Home gyms are also versatile and allow for customization. You can always customize the set up to meet your workout requirements because you have your own space for workout. Similarly, there are a variety of Compact home gym regiments to work with and choose from any time you want to do a different thing.

Types of Compact Home Gym

Home gyms come in two distinct types that are commonly utilized by various individuals. Based on the need of the individual and their workout demands, the following are the best types of Compact home gym.

  • All-in-one Compact home gym: This is a type of home gym workout equipment that caries all the needed workout equipment. For instance, if you are looking to build your upper body muscles, this home gym will assist you. In case you are looking for the lower body muscles, the all in one compact home gym workout machine will still help.
  • Individual Piece Compact Home Gym: In this type of home gym, there is only one piece of equipment that performs a specific task in a workout. For instance, if you are looking to build a biceps, you will be forced to get the piece of equipment that offers you that.

Similarly, you will also go for upper muscle-building material if that is all you need. However, it is advisable to purchase the all in one home gym equipment since it offers you all the workout requirements under the same roof.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Compact Home Gym

Choosing the best small home gym workout equipment is not an easy task, especially for a beginner. As a lover of the best workout equipment at home, you will be forced to look for a few material features before you pick it. It would help if you did not go for any home gym equipment, but the one you desire to meet your needs. Therefore, the following are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best workout equipment for home.

Your Goal:

What is your goal? What do you want to achieve with the equipment? These are some of the questions that you must ask yourself before choosing your home workout tool. You should pick on the machine that serves your goal best. If you want to build stronger muscles or merely want to keep fit, your home gym’s choice will differ based on these goals.

Your Gym Workout Level or Experience:

Before choosing workout equipment for home, you must understand your previous engagement with the gym. Have you been going to a gym, or have you been using the gym before? What experience do you have with the gym? If you are a beginner, go for the gyms that best fit the beginners outlined in the gym review.

In case you have a great experience in the gym, go for the equipment that allows you to advance your knowledge of the gym based on your experience. The workout level also works the same as the experience. If you are a great gym-goer who works out a lot, you will find the gym that suits this purpose.

Who Will Use the Gym:

Are you buying the gym for yourself or your entire family? This is also an essential factor when choosing the home gym equipment. If you are buying the gym and want to use it for your five or seven years old and yourself, you need a gym that has slightly less resistance.

The gym that will serve the entire family is that which can be customized at any level of experience and workout level. Therefore, do not buy a gym that suits only adults if you aim to use it for your kids and even your taller husband who may not fit in the shorter gym equipment.

The Available Space:

Space matters a lot when it comes to the choice of home gym equipment. If you are in a studio apartment where everything is in the same room, your selection of the best home gym equipment takes the least space.

If you live within your compound or your bungalow with a gym room, you can consider the one that takes maximum space to allow you to exercise with freedom. Therefore, space should be a priority before you pick on any home gym equipment.

Your Budget:

What is your budget? How much do you want to spend on the home gym equipment? Home gym equipment comes with distinct price tags even though they might serve the same purpose. Every dealer or provider has its price tag. Therefore, your budget will also dictate what machine you choose.

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Compact Home Gym Equipment

What should you know when you are now buying the best home gym equipment? You must understand some points before you get your favorable home gym equipment from the shop.  Here are some of them:

The Design and Construction of the Equipment:

The design and development are essential factors to look at before buying workout equipment for home. The home gym equipment is made in different designs that suit various people.

For instance, some models are meant solely for ladies who have short heights, while other designs are for taller people. Therefore, how it is constructed should be a factor to consider.


Home gym equipment features are what matters the best. If you fail to look at the design and construction of the equipment, never forget to look at the machine’s features. Features tell you what the equipment is capable of doing. It signifies whether or not the equipment can fit your needs. Therefore, go for the home gym equipment that has the best features.


A home gym for adults should have high resistance to ensure that it builds on the muscles’ strength as needed. For kids, the gym should have a moderate resistance that fits that purpose too. Resistance also matters based on the muscle type you want to build; therefore, consider resistance that suits your individual needs before buying it.


Is your chosen equipment flexible? Can you customize it to achieve your desired goals? These questions are essential before you open your wallet to pay for workout equipment for home use.

The equipment should be adjustable and able to meet your customization requirements. Adjustability also enables the equipment to be able to take the least space within the home hence important.

Other Considerations:

Other than the above considerations, you also need to check at the durability of the equipment, its compatibility, and even its maintenance cost. These factors make it easier to purchase the equipment with a formed mind rather than meeting the costs after purchase.

Tips for Setting up the Best Home Gym Equipment

While you can merely go to the market and purchase home gym equipment for your workout, doing this without the knowledge of setting up may not yield you any results. Therefore, a need arises to understand how to set up your home workout equipment, ready for maximum outcome. Here is how.

Find Your Space:

Those who live in studio apartments and the likes have a hill to climb here. However, you can still find a space around a given corner to install your home gym equipment, especially when you need to use it. It is possible, and you should pick the home gym that is adjustable and flexible enough to allow this.

Create a Budget:

A great home gym equipment setup should be less costly and saves space and time. Therefore, go for the home gym that reduces your regular gym membership.

Make the Space Your Own:

Being a gym member means you will share the space with others and even possibly line up waiting for space. However, for the home gym equipment, you need to make the space yours and have the convenience that you deserve.

Understand Your Workout Style:

Set up your home gym equipment based on your form of workout. If you are a workout expert, you will know this. However, if you are merely beginning the game, find an expert to assist with how you can monitor your workout style, and set up your gym according to that style.

Monitor Your Progress:

The home gym equipment you buy should record your progress and heart rate. It also needs to progress your training while pushing your muscles. Set up the gym in a way that you can track this progress.

Compact Home Gym Equipment Maintenance Guide

Sometimes, your workout equipment for a home may be faulty if you do not maintain it as appropriate. Excellent home gym equipment maintenance is essential, and mastering the art of maintaining it is a great plus for your workout achievements. Here are some tips on how you can easily maintain the equipment without any issues.

  • Ensure you buy a good and well-known brand of the home gym equipment for better spare part availability.
  • Clear the equipment regularly using a gym wipe dispenser or sports cleaning spray.
  • Check, read, and understand your equipment manuals on maintenance requirements and adhere to it.
  • Lubricate your treadmills regularly, even if they are the most durable ones.
  • Upgrade the home gym equipment software as appropriate, especially if it is using modern technology.
  • Restrain from misusing the equipment and use it only for the purpose for which it was meant.
  • Note the use and the guidelines for using your home gym equipment to avoid misuse and mishandling it.


  1. Who does the best home gym equipment benefit?

While home gym equipment is a helpful piece, they do not fit every individual best.  This category of gyms only fits best those who prefer home workout and who are looking to save money by avoiding monthly gym membership subscriptions.

  1. What are the main types of compact home gym equipment?

There are two types of this equipment, the single-piece type and the all-in-one equipment.

  1. What is the cost of compact home gym equipment?

The cost varies, but $300 you can acquire some of the best home gym equipment for your home workout needs.

  1. Can I use a home gym while just beginning the workout?

Why not! This equipment suits everyone at any level of training and muscle building. Get the right one for you based on this guide and embark on your fitness journey.


In summation, it is vital to reaffirm that compact home gym equipment is a tool or a machine that you can use at home to keep fit. It is that equipment specifically designed for your fitness needs, and hence, acquiring it today means making one step towards achieving your fitness or muscle building needs without involving yourself in a costly gym membership. With the available guide herein, be sure to deliver the best muscle building and fitness training while utilizing these fantastic products. Purchase now and use it tomorrow!

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