Best Foosball Table 2023: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

A best foosball table: Is it all easy to pick one?

If you’re a hobbyist who’s been finding it challenging in getting the best foosball table to play with families and friends with or without any prior knowledge, then this post is meant for you.

If you’re in a hurry, below are top picks for best foosball table:

  1. Warrior Table Soccer Professional
  2. Warrior Table Soccer Professional Custom
  3. Hathaway 56″ Primo Foosball Table – Family Soccer Game

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Imagine on a Sunday afternoon, you’re playing the best foosball game ever with your family wherever in the sunny backyard, at the exciting family game room or on your house’s dreamy front porch! It’s just so much fun thinking of and totally worth a try to refresh your home life.

Playing this modern foosball table game will strengthen the family bond, while promoting team spirit and the ability to concentrate of your children. For the little ones, this is a great game that’ll help them to develop hand-eye coordination, and the perfect game to release stress for the older ones.

To ensure you choose the best foosball table, we’ve helped you handpicked some of the best foosball table available in the market, which are reviewed below.


1. Warrior Table Soccer Professional


If you’ve been searching for a suitable foosball table for players of all levels, look no further as Warrior Pro Foosball table ticks the right boxes. The item is recognized as a standard table that meets the requirements for the professional game. This is possible, thanks to it being tournament certified by the official players organizations (USTSF and ITSF).

What makes this item unique is the Rod guard system that’s responsible for protecting children and adults alike from fast moving rods. And at a price of about $650, you’ll find it pocket friendly.

As of the design, it’s made of high quality materials that’s extremely durable and worth every penny. To set up, you need just a simple tool to get it assembled in about 25minutes. And it has swivel foot levelers which gives it balance on virtually all surfaces.

Warrior foosball table  Professional is designed to have superb ball control. Also with a counter balanced design with split bearings, the men can take any type of shot smoothly and with lightening pace.

Features and Specifications

  • Tournament certified
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Rod guard system
  • Integrated leg levelers


  • Sturdy, well built and easy to set up
  • Impressive rod guards for security.
  • Superb ball retention system.
  • Two extra players included.


  • Balls are heavy.
  • User manual is not well explained.

All in all, with the Warrior Pro Foosball table, you’re getting one of the very best foosball tables that meets the required standards for the professional game coupled with a satisfying durability.

2. Warrior Table Soccer Professional Custom


Do you need a standard and born foosball table purely out of your own imagination? Warrior Custom tournament choice foosball table have got you covered. The table made with top notch materials will be fully customized to suit your taste once you place your order. It can contain your logo, name and you can even customize the playfield.

What make it standout among its peers is that it’s easy to assemble as the cabinet is assembled on arrival, all you need to do is fix the other parts. And besides, it’s suitable for a host of situations and places – You can have it in your workplace, family game room, show room and backyard.

Considering the design, this item is born out of your creativity as the playfield and surface, end walls, side panels and table wrap can be totally customized as you deem it fit. Also, it comes in a tournament size of 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, 36 inches tall and weighs 200lbs, making it standard for the official game.

Features and Specifications

  • Customized surface and table ends
  • Customized side panels and table wrap
  • Has a dimension of 56 x 30 x 36 inches and weighs 200 pounds


  • Well designed and durable.
  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is customizable.


  • Ball is heavy.

Warrior foosball table is all you can ask for in a standard table as you’ll have your say in the design.

3. Hathaway 56″ Primo Foosball Table – Family Soccer Game


Hathaway Primo Foosball table is a premium Foosball table designed to suit both adults and children. This unit offers a fun-filled and exhilarating family foosball playing experience with its premium and sleek design.

Unlike its peers, this item has a sleek and high catching family friendly design, making it extremely suitable for children and adults. And besides, players of all levels will surely love its ABS counterbalanced players along with grassy and smooth soccer-like surface.

Considering the construction, the foosball is made of high quality materials and the scoring units are analog with an eye-catching silver toning. Also, the sides and walls are made with medium density fiberboard plus the steel rods are solid and moves fast in the E-Z spin bearings.

You’ll find it easy to set up as it comes with all the accessories needed for assembling an easy to read manual as well as a 6-month warranty starting from its arrival date.

Features and Specifications

  • Quality construction with integrated leg levelers
  • Espresso finish with a cross-supported surface
  • Solid wood handles and steel rods
  • E-Z spin bearings


  • Independent leg levelers.
  • Comes with two fast moving soccer balls.
  • Attractive and safe for children and adults
  • Durable and nicely finished.


  • Corners are made with plastic.
  • Grass color peels off after extensive use.

At the end of the day, the family prevails over all things and the Foosball table strengthens that bond with entertainment and friendly competition.

4. Carrom Signature Foosball Table


Carrom signature Foosball table is another one that ranks amongst the best Foosball tables for family use. The modern foosball table is made with quality materials and pack lots of features, making it suitable for children and adults alike.

This item incorporates an exceptionally comfortable wooden handle that enhance the ease and accuracy of player control. Also, the surface is secured by a screen printed material responsible for securing it from rough handling and water spills by kids and mistakes from adults.

What makes it unique is its versatility in goalie configuration as it provides the option of having a one or three man goalie to suit your taste. And besides, the players have an impressive counterbalanced configuration and design making it possible for you to take different type of shots.

With a cross-hatch design, you’re assured of close and precise control of the players. Also, it has a finely finished ball entry cups on both sides of the table for easy access and convenience. Thanks to the two inches legs support bars, it can be mounted on most surfaces without losing balance.

Features and Specifications

  • Screen printed surface and water resistant
  • Optional one or three man goalie configuration
  • 2-inch chrome leg support bar
  • Premium octagonal wood handle for precise control


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Well packaged and nicely designed.
  • Versatile goalie configuration.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • User manual could do with better explanation.
  • It takes time to assemble.

With the qualities and features of this table, it might look like kids foosball table, but be rest assured that every member of the family will enjoy using it.

5. KICK Foosball Table Splendor, 55 In


Durability is no doubt a feature everyone looks for in a product and Kick Foosball is one of the most durable Foosball tables out there. The build and materials are absolutely top quality. Though it might seem a little expensive, but it definitely worth every dime spent on it.

What makes it unique is the safety it provide for players of different levels and offers total control of players. The handles are made with well crafted wood that don’t slip as it’s secured with screws to ensure it doesn’t in any way fall off.

This item has a carefully designed 5 inches leg levelers aided by rubber bottom to give it absolute balance and offers a one or three man option for dynamism of play. And beside, Kick Foosball table offers life warranty on any of the tables you purchase from KICK.

Features and Specifications

  • Strong Leg Levelers with rubber bottom
  • Versatile goalie configuration
  • Sturdy playing field
  • Wooden handles and free Rod Lubricant


  • Well packaged and secured.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Stable and well balanced.
  • Outstanding customer service.


  • Takes time to assemble.
  • Some of the parts are made with plastic.

It’s very rare for companies to offer a lifetime warranty on a product and back it up with good customer service. Kick combines both well thanks to the effort invested in the durability and efficiency of its Foosball table.

6. Tornado Sport Foosball Table – Commercial Tournament Quality Table Soccer Game for The Home


Tornado as it’s well known for its quality and breath-taking products doesn’t disappoint with this Foosball table. It ranks among the best Foosball tables as it’s suitable for official tournaments and home use. This item is without doubt a user-friendly product with a satisfying simplicity.

The foosball table versatility makes its standout among its peers as it’s height-adjustable and maintains a good balance thank to the boot levelers. Also, the handles are smart to grip, comfortable and safe, thus giving you ease of control as well as security from injury.

With a 3/4 inch thick field coupled with a quality composition such as melamine, you know it can withstand the rigors of frequent use. The players are made with sharper corners coupled with a better cross-section for a more assuring ball control and better passing.

Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable Legs
  • Rubber handles
  • Melamine Playfield
  • Patented Players


  • Durable and solid build.
  • Top quality and well designed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable and balanced legs.


  • Difficult to assemble.

For a Foosball table that fits perfectly for the needs of every player and occasion, you can rarely go wrong with Tornado Foosball table.


7. KICK Triumph 55″ Foosball Table


This is another fantastic Foosball table by Kick that’s well designed with added elegance and simplicity, making it beginners friendly. Also, the unit is one of the most durable and effective modern Foosball tables available.

With a dimension of 55 inches long, 30 inches wide, 36 inches high, the table offers a three man option for dynamism of play. In addition, it’s equipped with ball return on both ends to avoid disruption in the flow of the game.

What makes it unique is the cup holder feature you can choose to install so as to keep yourself hydrated during games. Also, the Kick Foosball table offers life warranty so you can seek for a replacement or refund in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

The handles are well crafted with wood that don’t slip. It’s safe for players of different levels, offers total control of players and secured with screws to ensure that it is firmly in place.

Features and Specifications

  • Strong Leg Levelers with rubber bottom
  • Versatile goalie configuration
  • Optional Cup holders
  • Ball Return


  • Top quality and durable.
  • Top user manual and well labeled parts.
  • Sturdy and easy to use.


  • Takes time to assemble.

Like every other Kick Foosball table, this product is extremely durable. Though it might appear simple to the eyes and in usage, it is really top notch.


8. Tornado Tournament 3000


Without an iota of doubt, a quality Foosball table is always a joy to behold. Tornado tournament foosball table beams quality all through as it’s specially designed to withstand the rigors of competitions and tournaments. With a price of close to $2400, it’s made with long-lasting and safe materials.

Considering the construction, it’s crafted with tough commercial grade split cabinet that makes it able to withstand frequent use and intense play. Also, it features an eight-sided molded handle with a firm grip surface for easy control and comfort.

What makes it standout among its peers is its outstanding gameplay features. This is possible thanks to the single goalie configuration, patented counterbalanced players with refined foot for close ball control and accuracy. Also, it comes with a one-year warranty and free shipping when purchased.

The package comes with several accessories including bearing wrench, rulebook, a bottle of silicone, pin punch, four roll pins, three balls, supporting extra parks pack, etc. Add its patented rubber bumpers, rods and players then you’re getting a well balanced and comfortable table.

Features and Specifications

  • Free accessories
  • Build and Durability
  • Outstanding gameplay
  • Warranty and free shipping


  • Well packaged and protected.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • User manual needs to be improved.

The overall quality of this table is never in doubt and it puts it among the very best Foosball tables. Also it is the official table for the Tornado National Foosball and the ITSF.


9. KICK Legend Best Foosball Table for the Money


Are you in need of a Foosball table that combines a sumptuous look and design with effectiveness and quality? Very few out there does that better than Kick Legend Foosball table. Its fine wood grain matches perfectly with any decor in your home and game room.

The sleek design of this foosball table matched with a pocket friendly price and top quality accessories leaves it in a world of its own. In addition, the manufacturer offers a life warranty.

To ensure you’ve total control of your players, the handles are made with Black ABS materials that provide firm grip. And secured with screws to keep it in position at all times. It is also equipped with ball return on both ends to avoid disruption in the flow of the game.

You’ll be able to play the game on your own or with your loved ones as it offers a one or three man option for variety of playing level and intensity. And, it has a carefully designed 5 inches leg levelers providing at absolute balance against intense use.

Features and Specifications

  • Strong Leg Levelers
  • Versatile goalie configuration
  • Stainless Steel Player Rods
  • ABS handles


  • Attractive and durable.
  • Pocket friendly and well designed.
  • Imperial customer service.
  • Ball doesn’t get stuck.


  • It is not easy to assemble essentially needing two people to assemble.
  • The instruction in the manual could be clearer.

This kick Foosball table is truly a beauty and at the same time effective. It is pocket friendly and makes Foosball fun.

10. Best Cheap Foosball Table Under $100 – Best Choice Products 48″ Foosball Table for Home


Having a versatile Foosball table gives you diverse options in terms of application level and location. Best choice product foosball table offers versatility as it’s designed to suit varying applications. Its compact design along with relative affordability makes it a fit for virtually all functions.

Designed to have 8 rows which allows 4 rows per team, this item features 11 white and 11 red players for ease of recognition. Also, it comes with a cup holder on both sides to keep you hydrated throughout the game.

Uncommonly, the foosball table is suitable for virtually all fun settings ranging from game rooms at home to recreation spaces in the office.

As of the design, it’s made of a strong composite wood coupled with chrome-finished steel rods to ensure its durability. In addition, the rod bars are provided with a fitting grip so you can have improved control while playing.

Features and Specifications

  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Versatility
  • Well built and durable


  • Pocket friendly and sturdy.
  • Attractive and well made.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The field is a bit thin and not totally flat.

It goes without saying that a versatile and compact game brings the best out of you as it let you have fun just about any location. Best choice Foosball table often gets mentioned among the best indoor Foosball table thanks to this feature and its affordable price.


11. KICK Monarch 48″ Folding Foosball Table


Like all other kick Foosball table discussed earlier, Kick Monarch Folding Foosball table is reliable and made with top quality materials. This model of Kick Foosball has the option of foldable legs for ease of storage and transportation.

The foosball table has playing field with thickness of 1/4 inches that can withstand intensive use. And, it’s equipped with ball return on both ends to avoid disruption in the flow of the game.

With its versatile goalie configuration, you’ve the option of one or three man player for variety of playing level and intensity. Also, it is light in weight and you’ll find it easy to transport from one location to another.

It is user friendly and comfortable to operate as the eight firm grip black handles doesn’t slip when in use, thanks to the secured screws that keep it in position at all times.

Features and Specifications

  • Versatile goalie configuration
  • Stainless Steel Player Rods
  • Free Rod Lubricant
  • Warranty


  • Value for money.
  • Easy to store and transport.
  • Impressive customer service.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Parts are not labelled.

To better cap this item, it’s of high-quality like the very best Foosball tables but with an added feature of being foldable and compact.


12. Giantex 27″ Wooden  Foosball Table

Better than

Sport Squad FX40 Tabletop

Giantex 27″ Foosball Table, Easily Assemble Wooden Soccer Game Table Top

Are you tired of changing between Foosball tables for your kids? You can have a rest of mind with Giantex Foosball table as it’s an extremely compact and portable Foosball table suitable for kids and adults alike. This item is ideal for kids of all ages unlike the sport squad fx40 tabletop that’s made for kids of 3-years and above.

The height and build makes it standout among the best kids Foosball table, while adults can also have endless fun with it. It’s resistant to wear and tear as you can place it on your coffee table and any type of floor surface without having to worry about scratches.

The compactness, portability and light weight makes it comfortable to transport and store. Thanks to the extremely durable strong wood and tough steel rods used in manufacturing it, the lightweight feature doesn’t cause it to lose anything in its strength and ruggedness.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact and Portable
  • Well Built
  • Superb game play
  • Has a dimension of 27 x 15 x 9 inches


  • Good looking and top quality.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Value for money.


  • The bar is hollow.
  • Goal boxes are shallow.

What is better than seeing your kids beaming with happiness. Giantex Foosball table gives both adults and children sumptuous gaming experience.


13. Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table


The speed of play of a Foosball game is essential to its overall existence. As the name implies, Kettler outdoor foosball table is specially designed for outdoor purpose and boasts an impressive game speed with some fantastic features.

What makes it unique is its weatherproof feature that makes it well suited to both outdoor and indoor use. In addition, it’s equipped with nylon bushings which virtually eliminates wear and tear and in-turn allows flawless high-speed action.

Considering the construction, the playing surface is made of glass, thus enabling the balls to move at a very high speed along the surface. It’s a well designed side and corner rails that keeps the ball continuously in play. And besides, the players are made of unbreakable materials and there’s a ball pocket at both sides for effortless ball retrieval.

Features and Specifications

  • Game Speed
  • Foosball Accessories
  • Well built
  • Has a 3-year warranty


  • Rugged and durable.
  • Impressive game speed.
  • Easy to use and set up.


  • No drop hole to start the game.

As an outdoor foosball game, Kettler outdoor foosball table has all the right qualities to withstand the rigors that comes with outdoor usage. It also boasts an impressive game speed that improves the competitive nature of the game.


14. Multi-Function 3 in 1 Foosball Table Hockey Pool Table For Kids


Piarner multi-functional table offers varieties of interesting games. These games are aerial hockey, table Foosball and billiards. All of these are of the required qualifications and you are assured that you won’t be short-changed on any of them.

Unlike its peers, It gives you more options and diversity beyond just repeating a single game over and over again. Also, you’ll find each of the tables easy to install and replace as they’re lightweight and relatively easy to use.

As of the design, it is built with sturdy materials including MDF, PVC, iron pipe and plastic that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Also, the edges are smooth and finely finished.

Features and Specifications

  • Multi-functionality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well built


  • Reliable and durable.
  • Wide range of application.
  • Top quality and sleek look.


  • Not safe for children 3 years and younger.

Having more gaming options definitely increases the fun and entertainment. This multi-functional table gives more than enough fun with equal level of quality and efficiency.


15. Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table


Atomic Azure Foosball table is another foosball table that combines modern technology with originality. The built-in LED lights is just one of the few impeccable and eye-catching features it possesses. And it’s pocket friendly and worth every penny spent on it.

The most unique feature about this foosball table is its eye-catching inrail blue lighting coupled with cascading effects. This light is all encompassing as it reaches the whole of the playfield and the interior legs, thus allowing you to play the game with ease in dark.

Considering its construction, the table is well crafted with high-quality and durable materials that can withstand rigorous use. Also, the playing rods is made of free moving steel.

Features and Specifications

  • Has a dimension of 58.2 x 30.8 x 34.4 inches
  • Weighs 116.7 pounds
  • Wear resistant
  • In-built light


  • Rugged and can withstand abuse.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Well designed and attractive.


  • The buttons on the score keepers are not backlit.

Saying you are getting one of the best Foosball tables in terms of design and quality is not an overstatement. It is just what Atomic Azure Foosball table brings to the table.

Reasons Why You should Buy Foosball Table

Foosball is a game of all ages and requires no experience or special skills before it can be played. Highlighted below are the reasons why you should buy foosball table.

A game for everyone

The foosball table is a non-exhaustive rules game that requires no experience before it can be played. Regardless of your gender, age, and or physical strength, you’re eligible to play this game once you are capable of standing on your feet and move your hand in all directions. 

Make your home full of positive vibes

Since it’s a game of everyone, this item can bring and strengthen home’s vibes among family members and friends as they can talk to each other while playing. This is similar to the dialogue family members experience when they are watching movies. Also, unlike most physical games, both sides playing this game can’t sustain any injury once the game table is perfectly fixed. 

Can be used to make money

Thanks to its mature design and rules, most stylish people who often visit recreational centers or other esteemed places love playing this kind of game. And you can charge them as you wish.

This is because this category of people don’t like to engage in rough games and they’re always willing to spend more on games they find satisfactory. Not only do they play this game alone, but also, they’ll play it with their love ones. 

Easy to Maintain

Another major benefit of owning foosball table is the ease of maintenance. Yes, they’re easy to maintain as most of them are made of quality materials. In fact, you only need to clean them up occasionally no matter how long they stay outdoor. 

Their cleaning process is simple and requires the use of a dry cloth and other few foosball cleaning accessories. This process won’t consume your time at all.

Improve smartness and thinking ability

Not only will this game makes you smarter, but also make you think quickly. This is because it gives you no space to cheat so you’ve to play fairly and rely solely on your thinking strategy. The foosball table also helps you in developing the strategies and tricks needed to strike your opponent in any seconds. 

Improve health

When playing a foosball table game, most of your body parts including the eyes, hands, legs and the brain must be well-coordinated as they’re all involved during these activities. This will force the stiffed joint to rotate especially in people suffering from arthritis and brain damage. 

Foosball table can serve you for a longer period

Although this depends on varieties of factors. However, a high quality foosball table specifically designed for a purpose will surely last you for a longer period as some are waterproof. So before you opt for your choice of game, carefully look for the one with a longer warranty period. 

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits associated with owning and playing a foosball table, how do you choose the best foosball table for yourself?

Let’s dive in!

Factors need to be considered when buying the best foosball table brands

Although there are over-abundant foosball table brands available in the market each has some interesting features and designed for a specific purpose. However, it’s important to look into some factors before settling for your choice of the indoor and outdoor foosball table game. This is because many manufacturers have labelled their brand as the best which may be otherwise. 

To survive in this hostile environment, there’s the need to acquire some vital information before heading to make a purchase. Especially, if you haven’t bought any before. Features like material design, shapes and sizes, price of the foosball, stylishness, foosball table setup, warranty offered if available, and equipped accessories are among the features to look into before settling for one. 

That being said, highlighted below are the factors to consider.

What material is used for the construction of the foosball table? 

In our guide, the first parameter you should looked into before buying your choice of the best foosball table game is the construction material. This has a lot to say about the durability and stylishness of the table game. Generally, the 4 types of materials are: the multilayer, chipboard, MDF and thermoplastic. 

However, of all the material made, plywood is the most robust and has a solid model, although it weighs less. This makes it an ideal of choice for commercial purpose or for people who use it frequently.

The chipboard and MDF, on the other hands, are lighter and are less resistant to water. They, however, have excellent weight and some important features which may be absent in other materials. 

The last table game is thermoplastic table football. This outdoor foosball table game is the most rugged game material and is specially designed for outdoor use. This is due to its high-resistivity and waterproof capability. In fact, you can also store it on the balcony.

Who are you buying for?

Knowing the exact age and size of the people you’re buying the foosball table for is also important. For example, if you’re buying kids foosball table for children under the age of five, it is advisable to buy the beginner small foosball table. This kind of portable foosball table is cheaper, lighter and easy to lift. 

They have no legs and you only need to put them on a table or bed. Again, we’ve the high end foosball table size meant for youths and adults. This kind of tables is always sturdier and heavier. Their weight, however, ranges between 130 – 200 pounds.

What type of bars does it have? 

Another important feature needed to consider before buying your choice of the best foosball game table is the type of bars it carries. These bars are of two types and are differentiated based on their types of movement during the game phase.

Protruding bar

The protruding bars are models specially designed for professional foosball tables and adults. Although they feature a better handle, this model isn’t safe for kids as they can hit them at the front side. They are however easier to recognize as their exit bars appear on the opposite side of the classic foosball table. 

Telescopic bar

Unlike the protruding bar, the telescopic bar has a mechanism that helps to prevent kids or adult from being exposed to danger. This is why it’s highly valued and recommended for kids and newbies. 

What is the best foosball table brands?

If you’re wondering what is the best foosball table brands available in the market, here is the answer: All the brands we reviewed in our guide. These brands of foosball table have an excellent after-sales service and if you’ve any problem, you just need to call them and they’ll solve it immediately. At least that is the majority opinion of the users who have bought from them.

Another reason is that some of these brands offers the greatest guarantee, as well as fast delivery and the best return policy.

How is the foosball table setup?

Chances are you might want to start playing foosball table upon the arrival, so it’s important to be able to quickly set it up. This is to keep up your excitement to play the game. You’ll find out that the best foosball table comes with easy to understand instruction manual and require few parts to be assembled.

In addition, ensure the foosball table comes with leg levellers, this is to ensure it stays perfectly stationed and prevent it from moving during heavy action.

What is the purpose of making the purchase?

Your purpose of buying the best foosball game should be determined before opting for one. Based on purpose, we have some modern foosball table made of coin mechanism. This game type is meant for the public purpose to have,  as they accept coins of different values. 

On the other hands, there exist the domestic table game that has a place to collect or store balls other than the coin.

What of measurement?

Foosball comes in varieties of sizes. Most standard size measures 110 by 65 cm, although we have those that measures 150 X 72 cm. While the kids’ size may also reach 70 X 120 cm as well.

However, for your own comfort, the space your table will occupy can be calculated as the size of the entire table plus twice the length of the rods. Again, the addition of another 45cm on either side of the table for the players is also required. 

Tips and Tricks to Playing Safe for Kids

For kids to play a foosball game table safely, there are some tricks required to learn. This will ensure their safety while playing the game, they include:

Correct holding of the bars:

One of the first things to teach your kids in foosball game is to learn how to properly grip the small foosball table and how the players are positioned. This will give them an edge on how to make the best shot control. 

Hand’s position:

The position of the hand is also paramount. Kids should grip the knob forward near the splint junction to avoid dropping. Their index finger must touch the metallic part of the splint as this will give them more control over the blow.

Player position:

When at rest, the players must not remain upright but instead, lean forward. Through this way, they are ready to react to any action from their opponents including the blow. They should also regain their original position after a shot to prevent opponents from gaining an advantage over them.

Classic shot:

You must also help your kids to master the classic shot which involves the rotation of the wrist from a closed position towards the arm. In this case, it is essential to lock the wrist just after the player has hit the ball. Otherwise, the correct position of players will be lost.

Strong open hand hit:

This will give them a better smack over their opponents. To accomplish this, the hand must be widely opened so as to hit their opponent very hard. The cue must also slide quickly over the palm of the hand causing the player to rotate 180 °. Then they must block the rotation after impacting the ball to prevent it from rolling.

Tricks for the goalkeeper:

Just as it is dangerous to play carelessly with the goalkeeper in most games, so also it is in foosball. Extreme care is necessary for a good vision of the game. The goalkeeper must be able to see clearly to protect the door and also ease the attack actions of your partner. 

The goalkeeper must be positioned well on the post and be at high alert to prevent the opponent from any possible counterattack and score. This must be discussed between the partners before the commencement of the game as the attackers have a lot of roles to play at this stage. 

Defence tricks:

The defenders in the best mini foosball table have many roles to play as they determine the victory in the game. They are responsible for saving the ball from reaching the goalkeeper, stay and defend in their respective position and also, attack the opponents as well. They can also shoot their opponent either direct or wing. 

Failure to do this, their roof will be on fire has the opponent can seize the opportunity to score them. 

Attack tricks:

This determines the real success of the players as cooperation among players leads to quick defeat of the opponents. In this phase of the game, players must be very smart and fast and also, instinct must dominate their reasons. The speed of the blows will disorient the opponents making them lose their respective position. 

This setback will lead to victory from the attackers as the path to the door will be opened for a score. The attackers must also be smart enough to make a defence and join his partner to close any loopholes which the opponents can use as an advantage. 

Based on experience, the best way the attackers can maintain perfect defence and gain a possible opportunity is to attack and intercept the ball from the opponents at any point in the game.

Frequently Ask Questions?

What set of people can play foosball and is any prior knowledge needed?

Foosball table game is a game of all ages and may or may not require any experience. For kids and children who we assumed have no prior knowledge of foosball, relatively small foosball table is recommended for them. The height of this classic foosball table can be easily modified depending on the surface it is being placed. 

Mind you, this table game type is always easy to lift and cheaper. Translating their quality may be low compared to the higher price meant for intermediate or professionals. 

On the other hands, beginners who wish to learn this game should also follow the recommendation for the kids. But with some few additions of their game size which should be full and also easy to save.

However, if you are an intermediate, you can also enjoy this game but make sure you buy a high end foosball table. Look for foosball table parts that have a laminated design and won’t wear out or start to warp to prevent the ball while travelling. 

The professional players who already have vast experience, for example, know more about this game and should buy the best game.

Does the foosball table game occupy more space?

No, the best foosball table for home does not occupy more space. In fact, the small space in your apartment is sufficient enough to accommodate it. 

I learnt this game can also be played by children, how true is it?

Yes, foosball table game can be played by kids and children. This is because the size and height of the table game vary. If you’re unsure or have forgotten to measure the height of your kids before heading to make a purchase, kindly buy one of the adjustable sizes. Or the one that can be placed on its own leg to avoid wastage.

What is the best foosball table?

The best foosball table is the one with the high budget which may range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. This is because in most cases, the quality of the best foosball table  often varies with price. Although some exceptional cases have been recorded. 

Broadly speaking, the best high quality foosball table is the one that is made from solid wood. This kind of foosball has a rugged design and can withstand more pressure. They are good for competition/ tournament purpose. 

Although to maintain the quality and elongate the life of the foosball table, it is advisable to keep them out of the humid environment. 

What is the effect of foosball table surface in the game?

The foosball table surface if not smooth, can cause a lot of controversies as it has a direct effect on the game. Those that always fall into this category are the poorly made tables equipped with a cheap sticker design. This type of surface foosball game can break up, deformed, or peel off easily which may directly affect the direction of the ball and again, change the game’s development in general. 

Wrapping up 

We’ve come to the end of this guide and are pleased to inform you that foosball is a nice and easy game to play. Anybody can play this game regardless of their size and weight. Also, no experience is required to play it, however, to buy a best foosball table do require some real experience and information.

After all, it’s over to you to choose the best one. But there is one thing we do know for sure that you can actually  make your home full of positive vibes with a good time playing foosball together. 

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