Best Ping Pong Table Top 10 Reviews In The Market 2023

10 Best Ping Pong Table Reviews.

If you’re planning get the best ping pong table available to improve your skills, you might have noticed something that might discourage you; there are a ton of models you can get! All of them are marketed to appear to be the very best table existing. Still, that’s not always the case and getting the wrong one is easy. That can both disturb your practicing time, diminish your skills, or simply be a bad long-term investment.

In this article, you’ll find everything there’s to know about the top 10 best ping pong tables available on Amazon. Keep reading to:

  • Avoid annoying and difficult assembly.
  • Get the best bang for your buck.
  • Buy the last ping pong table you’ll ever need!

If you’re in a hurry, below are best picks for ping pong table :

  1. STIGA Advantage Competition.
  2. JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF
  3. STIGA Synergy
  4. Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis
  5. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis
  6. STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament.
  7. JOOLA Rally TL.
  8. STIGA Optimum 30 Table Tennis
  9. ONIC Waldner Classic 25 Table Tennis Table
  10. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

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Let’s get right into it!

1. STIGA Advantage Competition.

Best entry-level ping pong table

The STIGA Advantage ping pong table is one of the top-performing entry-level tables you can get. This is definitely the best design for amateur players who wants to practice at home with an easy-to-move and store table. Another thing is its incredibly low price. A table of this quality could easily be on the $500 range.

That’s why we believe it’s also an amazing pick for those who want the best of both worlds: a good price with good performance.


  • It comes pre-assembled when you buy it. All you need is ten minutes more from its arrival to unpack and start practicing your pro skills.
  • Regulation size, so you can use it in pro and semi-pro local competitions.
  • It’s thick enough (5/8”) so the ball has proper bouncing.
  • It’s durable and easy to move around thanks to its top-notch design.
  • Stress-free storing.
  • You can also set it up to playback position in less than a minute.
  • It offers a sturdy build with light materials(only 180 pounds!)


  • Not good for outdoors.
  • Not the lightest table around.

Bottom line.

Best entry-level ping pong table you can get!

2. JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF

A second-place all-rounder that offers good performance ping pong table

The JOOLA Inside table is made to be quite similar to a pro-grade table, and it doesn’t disappoint doing so. This table is another runner-up and direct competition against our first pick. There are two major differences that put it in second-place:

  • It’s slightly less sturdy than the first pick.
  • It’s also more expensive by a few bucks.

Aside from that, the table offers a very similar design to the first pick, leaving almost no place for differentiation.

The only noticeable difference is that this one is lighter, which is great for some people that have trouble moving it around and assembling it. Still, that same advantage is a weakness, because the table is notably less sturdy when playing.

It’s not wiggly, so it shouldn’t be an issue for most amateur players. This is another awesome choice if the first one is not available.


  • Almost the same capabilities as the first pick.
  • Great design.
  • Good price.
  • Lighter than the first pick.


  • Less sturdy than the first pick.
  • Slightly pricier.

Bottom line:

A second-place all-rounder that offers good performance.

3. STIGA Synergy

the second best ping pong table available from this brand.

This one is another good choice from STIGA still within the $500 range. The only differences are:

  • The net is shorter.
  • It comes with simple yet effective security measures to protect the table’s corners.

Aside from the obvious good points, like a durable construction, good size, among others, this is certainly not first-place material. This table is an older version, so you might get it for a better price. Still, the downsides for this one are noticeable during assembly.

The design is not the most stable one, assembling it takes two people and more than an hour, and the legs are a little bit flimsier than the ones in other models because they’re less thick. Storing is not as easy since the two halves don’t go as near when folded (compared to other models). 

If you can get around those issues, we’re still pretty confident you can get a good enough performance out of this table!


  • Good table, good design, good performance.
  • Good price and can be found at a lower price from time to time.


  • Not as good as the first and second choice.
  • Not as easy to store.
  • Flimsier legs.

Bottom line:

If you want a STIGA table, and the first one is not available, the STIGA Synergy is the second best available from this brand. The second pick is better though.

4. Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis

It’s similar in functions to other STIGA tables.

This is the best ping pong table for outdoors use you can get from STIGA. The XTR series comes Packed with all the strengths of other STIGA models on this list. Here’s what’s different about it:

  • It comes built with durable materials.
  • The base is quite stable during play and easy to level.
  • The surface of the table is made out of aluminum composite to withstand weather.

This is one of the best performing outdoors ping pong tables you can get, and saying that is something. Usually, outdoors tables are not as good in terms of performance (unless you really put down some bucks for a pro one), which is not the case with this one. It’s got the same price and a similar design to other STIGA indoors table, so you get the best quality.


  • Withstands outdoors weather.
  • Great quality for a good price.
  • Official dimensions.
  • Good surface and playability.
  • Performs as marketed.


  • Surface is glossy and reflects sunlight.

Bottom line.

Great performance for the only outdoors table on the list. It’s similar in functions to other STIGA tables.

5. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis.

Good for kids, for reduced spaces, and as a budget pick.

If you’re an amateur or you want to give the perfect gift to a ping-pong loving kid, the STIGA Space Saver is exactly what you need. This table is different than the rest because is a compact version.

  • Comes with the same quality as the first pick.
  • Is smaller, so you can easily fit it anywhere in your house.
  • It also folds up and has wheels, so you can store it easily move it around.
  • It has the same height of a regular table.

This is a downsized version of a regular table. It’s shorter in every direction, but keeps the same height. It can be used to teach kids and teens how to play. Also, playing in this compact table can help amateurs develop better control when they hit and direct the ball. That’s why it’s a good fit even for pro players that want to keep practicing in a reduced space.

The biggest downside of this table is that it doesn’t allow playback mode. You’ll have to find yourself a practicing partner!


  • Compact size; great for small apartments and quick-play.
  • As sturdy as a full sized STIGA table, but with half or less of the weight.
  • Awesome for kids, teens, and amateurs.


  • Not full size.
  • Not as stable as the first pick.
  • Not good for outdoors either.
  • No playback set-up.

Bottom line:

Good for kids, for reduced spaces, and as a budget pick. If it’s for adults and money is not an issue, any of the other tables is better!

6. STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament.

Entering to the real pro range, this table is quite a deal you can take advantage of. This one has a design which is very similar to the JOOLA Rally TL, but with some noticeable differences:

  • The table top is thicker at 3/4 inches’ vs the 5/8 inches of the JOOLA table.
  • It’s slightly heavier thanks to the table being thicker (172 pounds unpacked).

This is a real pro-grade ping pong table and the least expensive one you can get as well. It’s an amazing table that you can use in tournaments.

There are almost no downsides to this design. The only things we could discuss are its weight and that it requires two to three people to put it together properly under 10 minutes. Aside from that, there’s nothing bad to add about it. You can expect the pro-level performance, high-quality, affordability, and durability that characterizes this brand.


  • Best price you can get for a pro-level table.
  • Top-notch quality.
  • The best capabilities of all STIGA tables.
  • Expected pro-level performance.


  • Heavy.
  • Not for outdoors.

Bottom line:

Cheapest and best-performing low-end pro-grade table you can get.

7. JOOLA Rally TL.

If you’re a pro player who wants to practice at home in a real pro table, but without expending all your savings in one sitting, the JOOLA Rally TL table is the perfect choice.

This table is similar to our first pick, still, here are some key differences to keep in mind:

  • It comes with better add-ons, like a better net and post set, aprons, wheels, and overall materials.
  • The table is built with a sturdier body, yet the halves are lighter, making it lighter than the first pick (around 150 pounds when unpacked)
  • Instructions are pretty clear and you can also find useful videos on JOOLA’s site or Youtube. This is a quite famous pick!
  • Adjustable legs (to level on floor).

This table is more on the pro side, but it’s still mid-grade, so don’t expect the overall best quality. Still, it’s an awesome pro-looking table you can get without paying over $1000 bucks. Even though it has a sturdy build, it’s lighter than the first pick, making it also a good choice for kids and teens. It also allows you to playback!

One downside that seems to hamper its overall approval is factory defects, which are slightly common with JOOLA’s products.

Finally, it’s one of the simplest to unpack and assemble.


  • Good quality for a mid-grade table.
  • Good price for great quality.
  • Easy to assemble, move around, and store.
  • Lighter than the first pick.


  • Still slightly pricier than the first pick.
  • Not good for outdoors.

Bottom line:

Good mid-grade table with near-pro performance.

8. STIGA Optimum 30 Table Tennis

Now, if you’re ready to spend big bucks on a world-class ping pong table, this is the overall best you can get. Not only it’s the best ping pong table you can get, but it’s also the only one you’ll ever need. This monster of a table is made with the best design in mind, using the most durable and strong materials, as well as the thickest possible table-top approved by the ITTF.

Obviously, this is not something anyone can afford, since it comes with a whooping price of $1350+ bucks. Still, for sport’s clubs, bars and restaurants, and even schools, this is the perfect addition.

It’s quite heavy, so it requires up to four people to set it up easily. However, it’s not complicated to put it together thanks to the awesome designs from STIGA.


  • This is the best-performing table on the list.
  • This is the most durable and steady table on the list.
  • It comes with the same functions as other tables on the list, like playback, and storing ease.


  • Big price (totally worth it though!)
  • Really heavy (250+ pounds)
  • Not for outdoors use.

Bottom line.

Best table on the list!

9. DONIC Waldner Classic 25 Table Tennis Table

Yet another incredible professional ping pong table, the DONIC Waldner Classic 25 is a runner up as the best one in this price range. It’s very similar to the STIGA Optimum 30, the only difference being that this one’s table top is 25mm thick.

It’s slightly pricier, but lighter due to the less thick table top. Still, it’s also ITTF approved, so you can use it in official tournaments. The real difference between this table and STIGA’s one is the feel to it when the ball bounces off of it. You can easily tell which one provides the best bounce – spoiler alert, the STIGA.

We highly recommend this one since it’s the only real competition against the STIGA Optimum 30.


  • This is the second best-performing table on the list.
  • It’s almost as good as the STIGA optimum 30.


  • Big price (again, totally worth it!)
  • Really heavy (250+ pounds)
  • Not for outdoors use.

Bottom line.

Second best table on the list. Also the most expensive one!

10. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

The butterfly Junior ping pong table has to be the worst among the best tables you can get.

It is slightly bigger than other mid-size tables, but remains lighter than 80 pounds. It doesn’t have the most stable build, but it’s stable enough for indoors play. We wouldn’t recommend this one unless:

  • You don’t have a lot of space to use any other model on the list.
  • You can’t move more than 80 pounds around by yourself.
  • You can’t find something better to expend your money in (seriously!)

. Other models similar to this with a lower price could be unpacked inside a ping pong-sized trash can!


  • Decent enough quality.
  • Not the worst you can get (again, seriously).


  • Expensive (even more than the first pick!)
  • Not good for outdoors use.

Bottom line:

 “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” kind of thing…


In the world of ping pong, using a good table makes a huge difference in your overall performance. This is something you can only discover when you play in the wide variety of tables available. Since going around trying out the best ping pong tables isn’t something anyone can do, we’ve done it for you. For us, the best ones are:

  1. The STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament.
  2. STIGA XTR Series for outdoors.
  3. The STIGA space saver.
  4. And (if you can afford it), the STIGA Optimum 30.

These can offer the best performance, price, and overall ease of use within the novice, amateur, and pro player grades. Which ones will you pick? Let us know in the comments!

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